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Origanum microphyllum - this delicate Origanum has a strong lavender like fragrance and is used to make a tisane known as ‘andonaïda’. It is endemic and restricted to the Lefka Ori in the west and the Dikti Mountains in the east.

Pancratium maritimum - (Sand Lily) - one of the most beautiful flowers on Crete, this Pancratium belongs to the same family as the daffodil. It has the most wonderful perfume and its delicate flowers provide a superb display along the edge of beaches around the island. Sadly it is in decline due to the misuse of quad bikes and shampoo and soaps in shower areas. Known to the Minoans, it would be a great pity if this stunning flower disappeared altogether from the beaches of northern Crete. It is being protected in projects being run by local hotels and other tourist ventures, but more needs to be done.
It is said that the Sea Daffodil or Sand Lily was known as ‘akalis’ in Minoan times.

Out of the Sands of Time - I have just finished this watercolour painting of Pancratium maritimum and it has recently been exhibited in the Municipal Art Gallery in Aghios Nikolaos. The painting took me around eighteen months to complete and is life size and drawn from a bulb found on the beach at Malia.

Snail shells - great collection of sea side self-contained apartments to let! Only one previous owner.

Glebionis segetum - (Corn Marigold) - this very pretty but very common Compositae can be easily overlooked, but is in fact extremely attractive. It can vary in size depending on its habitat.

Eryngium maritimum - (Sea Holly) - almost finished for the summer, a few determined flowers could still be found amongst the dead heads of the Sea Holly.

Otanthus maritimus

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