JULY 2007
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Petrohagia? fasiculata - I am not at all sure of the identification of this little plant. It was found by accident, when I sat down to get my breath back after a climb and there it was – staring me in the face! Extremely small, if I had not sat down it would have gone unnoticed.

Me!!! - several people have asked for a photo of me. So here I am – not looking my best – having climbed half way up a cliff face (with a little help from my friends!) to photograph Inula pseudolimonella – a Cretan endemic that shies from the limelight!

Inula pseudolimonella - and this is what we made the climb for! On one of the hottest days in July! It is endemic to the Dikti and Afendis Kavousi mountains and extremely difficult to get close enough to photograph.

Grasshopper - this funny little chap was outside my front door, quietly munching his way through my flower garden. A few days later there were some ten juniors doing exactly the same thing.

Harvest time - one of the pleasures of late summer in Crete is the strange variety of seeds pods, acorns and nuts to be found littering the ground. This very attractive group were under my feet as I sat down to recover from a climb on the Katharo.

Newborn - on one of our regular refreshment stops at Yianni’s taverna we came across this cute little fellow waiting impatiently for someone to feed him. Members of his extended family are incredibly destructive and eat some of the rarest wild flowers, but who can resist such a pathetic little creature?

Zelkova ambelicea - this attractive small tree is endemic to the mountains of Crete. This species is listed as vulnerable in the Greek Red Data Book, where it is said that maybe only 50-100 mature trees survive. In danger from grazing sheep and goats, it needs to be protected in the wild.

Cynanchum acutum - a very pretty climber, which could easily be overlooked, was found growing on waste ground opposite one of the Malia beaches, completely unnoticed by everyone but me!

Verbascum sinuatum - this is the most commonly found of the Verbascum. It can be found on the roadside, in fields and in sandy places all over the island.
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