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Oenanthe pimpinelloides - Tubular Water Dropwort - strange name in both languages! This plant prefers damp locations as can be gathered from its name. It was sited in a damp ditch on a roadside which is an environment that it really likes!

Ophrys candica - White Ophrys - we found three examples of this relatively rare ophrys in the water meadow on our excursion. They were past their best and going to seed, but nevertheless we were all very excited to find it.

Orchis fragrans - Fragrant Orchid (Bug Orchid) - at first I confused this Orchis with Orchis Sancta, which has slightly larger flowers. The meadow we visited was full of this Orchis and it was very difficult to stop photographing it! This orchid has a slight, vanilla-like fragrance.

Parentucellia viscose - Yellow bartsia - this pretty plant is found in damp meadows, by streams and in fields. Above Spilli the fields were full of these bright flowers.

Prunella cretensis - this little plant is found in the mountains and is endemic to Crete. This was the first time I had seen it, as it is usually found in the west of the island. The specimen photographed here was near Karfi and was almost hidden under a very spiny shrub.

Pulicaria - I think this may be a Pulicaria, but which one? And if it isn't Pulicaria, please can someone tell me what it is?

Seedpods - I just thought that this combination of the seedpods of a Muscari with the leaves of the Field Holly – Eryngium campestre looked absolutely stunning in the clear afternoon light.

Seedpods - at first glance I thought these seedpods were caterpillars on the stone, but further investigation showed that they were, indeed, seedpods, displayed to attract a passing bird! Incredible!

Serapias lingua - Tongue Orchid - the smallest of the Serapias on Crete, the flowers range in colour from violet to white. As it prefers damp locations, it was no surprise to find it on the meadows above Spilli.

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