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S. dichotoma subsp. racemosa - (Forked Catchfly) - the plant is found, as here, on the roadside or in fields. It has a slightly downy stem and the petals are notched.

Smyrnium rotundifolium - the stem of this plant grows through the rounded leaves, making it easy to identify. Although this species prefers dry locations, it was flourishing on the edge of the road above Spilli, which certainly isn’t dry! Even in June the ground was still damp. A few years ago I found land crabs on this meadow. Much to my and their surprise!!

Solenopsis minuta.ssp. annua - at first I found just one...

Solenopsis minuta.ssp. annua - ...and then they were everywhere! Once again this species likes damp locations. I have never seen it in eastern Crete, but it is obviously very at home in a water meadow! The whole bank was covered with this very attractive little flower.

Blackstonia perfoliata - (Yellow Wort) - the stem of this little plant seem to pierce the leaves, thus giving it its name. It is usually found on slopes and its lower leaves for a rosette at ground level.

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