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Cyclamen graecum ssp graecum1 / Greek Cyclamen / Κυκκλάμινο το γραικό / Griechisches Alpenveilchen - The first cyclamen were already in flower on the Rhodopou peninsula, although not in the large numbers to be seen a little later in the year.  Despite our prolonged search the rare white blooms still evaded us.  And on this occasion I was unable to find C. cartwrightianus, although I have photographed this autumn crocus before in this area.

Cyclamen graecum ssp graecum / Greek Cyclamen / Κυκκλάμινο το γραικό / Griechisches Alpenveilchen - The cyclamen are just so beautiful, I could not resist another image for you to enjoy.

Erica manipuliflora / Ερείκη η σπονδυλανθής / Quirlblättrige Heide - The tiny, bell-like flowers of this heather, when viewed at close quarters, are exquisite.  Viewed from a distance, the shrubs add a magical mauve haze to the otherwise barren and dry mountainsides.

Top of the world - Kallergi Mountain Refuge - The stunning scenery and the peace of the refuge have the ability to make one feel energised and relaxed at the same time. In June, we will be hosting a trip to the refuge where we will stay for two nights, to experience the tranquillity and beauty of this special place.  For further details please check out our Trips page.

Refuge - The refuge is open daily from April until October.  During the winter months November to March it operate only at the week-ends, although I for one would certainly not attempt to drive up there in the snow, stunning as the scenery must be. If anyone has a photograph of the refuge and its surroundings in the snow, I would love to see it.

Refuge - Another view of the Kallergi Mountain Refuge, which more than compensates for the drive!

Origanum dictamnus / Cretan Dittany / Δίκταμομος, έρωντας / Kretischer Diktam - This endemic Cretan herb is known the world over for its health-giving properties.  It has been famous since ancient times and is now cultivated to make herbal infusions.  It is a constituent of Martini and helps to give the drink its distinctive flavour.

Cretan Dittany (Watercolour / Julia Jones) - This watercolour painting took me a long time to complete, as the hairs which cover its leaves were painted with a single-haired brush.

Seed head - The contrast of this fluffy seed head with the stark grey rocks, made a perfect still life. How could I resist a photograph, even though I cannot identify the flower?  Maybe someone can tell me?
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